This blog was originally set up for me (Jason) to write about training to swim the English Channel.

Time moved on, and I successfully swam the Channel in July 2014, in a fraction under 14 hours.

I have kept on swimming though, and have since done even more, including a crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar with my partner Helen Gibbs, in May 2015.

In September I plan a double crossing of the San Pedro Channel, to the Island of Catalina and back, something I expect to to test me to the limit…..

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Ahoy there, JRB.
    Happy to hear of modern swim routine, and all things lithe. You know, we have a fab outdoor pool here in NS – and this year the heating was on the blink. I persevered until the end of September (lone swimmer most days by then), so am mentally shivering at thoughts of near ice-bath temperatures. Very proud of you.

  2. Thanks Allypops. Hope all is well with you still over there. You’d be a great Channel Swimmer – perfect combination of athleticism and sheer bloody-mindedness. Maybe I shouldn’t be putting ideas in your head though……. Love – JB x

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