3 Lakes Challenge – Tracker Link and Rules

The 3 Lakes Challenge is nearly upon us.  Most of the stuff is packed, flights, B&Bs, transport booked.

Our Observer for the swims will be Tanja Slater,  former professional triathlete and cyclist, now a coach:

Link to Tanja’s Homepage

Here are the details of the Spot Tracker:

Link to Spot Tracker

We will be swimming under a modification of the rules set out on the website of the Marathon Swimmers’ Federation:

MSF Rules

This set of rules was developed by consensus over at the MSF website, driven largely by Evan Morrison and Donal Buckley. Special provision is found in the rules for multi-leg swims and relays.  This swim is both relay and multileg, and has the following special rules, which we deem to be within the ‘Spirit’ of Marathon Swimming.

(1) Each swimmer will swim for 1 hour, with standard rules for taking over.  Where 1 swimmer finishes a Lake with time remaining on their 1 hour shift, they will be the first to enter the next Lake to complete their hour.

(2) Bala is very short compared to the other 2 Lakes.  As such, in order that most or all of the swimmers get the opportunity to swim in that Lake, shifts will be only 30 minutes.  If the swimmer completing the previous Lake had already swum in excess of 30 minutes, then the next swimmer in order will be the one to start Bala.  If the swimmer completing the previous Lake had already swum less than 30 minutes, they will complete that 30 minute shift before the next swimmer takes their turn in the usual order.

(3) The swimmer who ‘brings the swim home’ at Bala may be joined for the last short distance (~ 100 m) by the other team members, so long as they do not touch, or swim in front of, the final swimmer.


The timing clock will start as soon as the first swimmer enters the water at either end of Loch Awe.  The clock will continue uninterrupted until the final swimmer clears the water at Bala.  The total swim time will therefore include all traveling time between Lakes, as well as the time required to complete the 40 miles or so of swimming!


2 thoughts on “3 Lakes Challenge – Tracker Link and Rules

  1. For some reason I can’t see any pictures or links (perhaps it’s my work computer?), but I’ll keep checking back as I’m looking forward to following you guys.

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