The Cave of Only Very Mild Peril

Helen and I arrived safe and sound in sunny SoCal.  We are basing ourselves in La Jolla Cove, hotbed of long distance swimming, and all round jolly nice place to be.  We have also met up with Dan Simonelli, a long time (well – 2 years) training partner and good friend of mine.  Dan is also going to be an Observer on Helen’s Catalina boat, and has done a great job of organising crew for us, and dispensing advice freely on what we need to be doing.  Thank you Dan – we really appreciate it!!

Dan the Man

Dan the Man

We met up at 7 and went for a swim out in to the Cove, with only 1 main aim, to visit the Cave Dan took me to 18 months ago.  Helen is resting up before her big swim at the weekend, so is not up for multi-hour heroics right now.

The last cave we swam in was on Donal’s Copper Coast safari as part of Distance Week, which included on the itinerary, ‘The Cave of Screaming Terror’.  La Jolla Cove’s version I have dubbed ‘The Cave of Only Very Mild Peril’.

It was fun though, and a great way to start the day!

Post Swim!

Post Swim!

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