Post Qualifier Shoulder Stretches

The day after my 6 hour I was keen to get back in the water and stretch my shoulders, see how I felt.  Dan was up for that too, so we met at the Cove at 6.30 AM.  The sun was hiding behind some morning marine mist, and the water was cold, colder even than the day before.  It was even colder over by La Jolla Shores when we got there.

The good news was that the shoulders felt great.  Everything felt great!  After a fairly tough 6 hour the day before I was feeling fine, which made me feel really happy.

Today we went again, and were joined by Barbara.  I had met Barbara in the past, but never swum with her, unlike Helen who swam with her at a previous year’s distance week in Cork.  We set off again at 6.30 AM and headed off to the Shores.  Surprise surprise the water was still cold, and when we got over to the Shores, it was REALLY cold.  It felt more like 54 over there, not dissimilar to the rivers back home the previous weekend.

Here is a photo Dan took at the Shores.  Looks idyllic and not a bit cold!

CHillin' at the Shores

CHillin’ at the Shores

On the way back we pushed it hard, to keep warm apart from anything else.  Technically the swimming felt great.  All of those sessions in the pool pushing harder and harder paid off, as we were flying, racing each other back to the Cove.

A great end to the week of swimming, and another couple of (cold) miles under the belt.


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