Review of 2013

I am fixing to post a review of The Big Chill shortly, but that’s a bit of an effort to put together, so I am going to review my goals for 2013 – see how many I managed to tick off, and which ones I missed, and why.

It’s a bit like performance review time at work; it’s a time for reflection on things that make you proud, and those you want to do better on next time!

(1) A million metres over all swimming.

MISS! – I worked it out and I ‘only’ hit 945,000 m for the year.  I am planning a MUCH bigger target for 2014!!

(2) Complete Windermere 10.5 miles – target time 6 hours – no wetsuit

HIT! – Windermere completed – 6 hours and 8 minutes.  I will let myself off the extra 8 minutes, especially as we managed to find ourselves a ‘bonus’ 1/2 mile from somewhere, according to my Garmin.

(3) Do the Dart 10 K again – 10 km – target time 2 h 25 mins – no wetsuit

HIT! Completed in 2 h 22 mins!  And a lovely day out into the bargain!

(4) First 20 km pool swim (ideally in a 50 m pool!)

MISS! Never got round to this one, though I have now at least identified a ‘candidate’ 50 m pool, the heated outdoor loveliness of London Fields Lido.  Comin’ your way one day soon!!

(5) Keep up this blog, and start thinking about fundraising for ‘The Big One’

HIT!  A definite hit.  I have really enjoyed the blog, and the readership ramp has been amazing.  Now I am sure there are many more established, and quite frankly more interesting, blogs out there, but 1,297 hits were made on my blog in January, which is pretty spectacular, from 404 people, which is a testament to the growing popularity of Open Water (and particularly cold open water) swimming in the UK and round the world.

My thoughts now turn increasingly to the English Channel.  My training is starting to ramp.  I hit 100 km in January across all types of water, rivers, lidos, indoor chlorine pits, the sea.  I plan to hit 110 km in February, and it’s a short month.  All of the cold water swimming ‘events’ I had registered for are now complete, but I still plan to jump in the Cam on the occasional lunchtime, so Dover Harbour will hold no demons for me come the beginning of May.  Infact, I want to walk down the pebbly beach, splash into the water, and utter the time-honoured phrase ‘It’s like a bath!’

Targets for 2014:

I only have 1:

(1) Swim from England to France, according to English Channel Rules, ‘put pebbles down my pants, and join the club’!

Bring it on!!!!

EC - Image Courtesy of Openwaterpedia

EC – Image Courtesy of Openwaterpedia


2 thoughts on “Review of 2013

  1. Great blog Jason, love the honesty of your 2013 review and may I confirm that 9.45 is close enough to 10 to ratify your ’round-up’ 🙂
    If you want company/support on the 20km pool swim I would try to join you. Hitchen is a good outdoor pool and might be an alternative (opens June I think).
    Have a great 2014

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