Oh Crikey – The Forms Have Arrived

Today the forms arrived in my inbox from Kevin Murphy, Honorary Secretary of the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation (CSPF).  This means several things:

(1) I have some forms to fill in and send back to the CSPF, along with some money.

(2) I need to get a medical – booked for a few weeks time – £95 – I am in the wrong game clearly!

(3) I need to plan my 6 hour qualifier.  The CSPF rules stipulate that you need to have completed a 6 hour open water swim under Channel Rules in water at 16C or less.  I would hope to have done quite a few of these before the big day, hopefully including some back-to-backs, but part of me would like to get it out of the way early (San Diego, Portugal?)

(4) I really AM swimming the channel.  I am one of those people who tends not to worry too much about stuff ahead of time.  This is a very helpful trait in that I don’t really get nervous about stuff, at least not until the last minute.  It also means that I do have a tendency to be blase about stuff, avoid planning, leave things rather late.  Concrete signs like filling in forms and having medicals start to make things a little more real.  It is now this year – only 6 months of actual training left!

I was also interviewed by the local paper yesterday, who are going to run a story on my crossing.


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