PHISH Preview

PHISH is on Saturday.  Otherwise known as Parliament Hill Icy Swimming Hootenany.  The event, organised by John Donald comprises a series of races of 2 lengths (122 m), 4 lengths (244 m), a 4 person relay event, and an endurance event.  The endurance event sounded quite challenging and of unspecified distance, which will depend on how much above 0C the water is.  I chickened out and went for the 244 m event.

PHISH_BannerThe venue is the same unheated lido that hosted the OSS December dip, and will probably be at a similar temperature, maybe around 5c.  This, while moderately nippy, shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for the 244 m distance.

In addition to the solo race, I am entered with Helen G, Helen H and Julie in a relay race.  Our team is cunningly titled ‘Chillin’ wi mi biatches’.  Do you see what we did there?

Many of the great and the good of winter swimming will be there.

Look out for a match report soon!!

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