Good Morning Cove!

In San Diego with work this week.  Flew out of the UK on Monday afternoon, and after 11 hours in the air, found myself in the hotel at 7 PM.  A quick dinner with my boss who is also in town, and early to bed, for there was swimming to do in the morning……

I had already arranged to meet with Dan Simonelli for a 6 AM start time.  we splashed into the fairly calm waters of the cove, which felt gorgeous after the frigid water of the Cam which was the last open water I had been in.  The water was hovering around 61F today.  We did a lap of the Cove to Shores to Cove, before meeting Jim Fitzpatrick for another lap.  Jim is a great swimmer, and a bit of a legend, Triple Crown, and the first person to swim from Catalina to Orange County.

There was not a cloud in the sky today. As we swam the first lap, we watched the sun rise over the hills.  As we swam the second lap, the sun climbed the sky, and felt increasingly warm and comforting on the shoulders.  The third mile today was one of the most enjoyable I have experienced, with the three of us gliding through the gorgeous water seemingly effortlessly.  I was nicely warmed up by this point, and was totally digging the conditions and the companionship of 2 fine swimmers.

All in all, a wonderful start to the day: about 4 miles in the warm embrace of the Pacific Ocean.

I am hoping to come back in the New Year for a 6 hour swim with Dan.  I  hope to do my 6 hour channel qualifier.  Dan is registered for SCAR (40 miles over 4 days and 4 swims), so a cheeky 6 hours will do him no harm as well.

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