Boston in the Fall

This week I have been visiting Boston (that’s Massachusets not Lincolnshire) with work.  I put out a shout on the Marathon Swimmers Forum to see if anyone swam locally, and was lucky enough to get an offer from Elaine Howley.  I had been reading Elaine’s blog ( ) for a while, so knew all about her pedigree (EC, Catalina, MIMS).  I also got to swim with Jonathan Gladstone, another local who is newer to the Open Water, a bit more like me.

I had arranged to meet Elaine and Jonathan at the L St Bathhouse.  You have to be a member to get in there, so I stashed my stuff on one side of the Bathhouse and waded in to meet them as they came swimming round the breakwater from the bathhouse.

South Boston Beach

South Boston Beach

The weather was lovely.  Not very warm, and with a fresh breeze, but beautifully sunny.

We set off on a circuit around the old harbour, setting off initially into some nice chop kicked up by the fresh breeze.  The water was fairly pleasant but cool at 13 or 14 C, a really enjoyable swim in the dwindling light of a New England autumn day.  There were a lot of small jellyfish around (non-stinging), which was my first jellyfish experience.  Kinda weird hitting your hands on them as you swim!

After an hour we were done.  Jonathan snuck me in to the bath house, with Elaine smuggling my gear for me over the fence, so I got to enjoy a sauna and shower in the men’s changing area, before heading back to town for dinner.

Thanks to Jonathan and Elaine for showing me the ropes, and rescuing my swimming week!!!

Elaine, Jason, Jonathan - post swim glow

Elaine, Jason, Jonathan – post swim glow

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