Salt vs Fresh

This week I have been lucky enough to spend some time in La Jolla again, swimming in the cove.  The water has warmed up a fair bit, from the 13 degrees or so in April, to more like 19 degrees yesterday.  The visibility has also been better than I have known it in the cove, giving me a great opportunity to give a trial run to my GoPro Hero3.  There was all sorts of stuff to see, from Bat Rays to Leopard Sharks, Seals to a solitary, and very beautiful, turtle….




Apologies for the image quality – it is a screenshot from a movie I took, which can be found on YouTube here:

Anyway, comparing the swims I did in the beautiful Pacific Ocean with the one I did recently in the Trifarm lake, I was struck by how much faster I was swimming in the salt water.  I was knocking out 25-26 minute miles with relative ease. I am sure it was more like 30 minutes in the lake, even allowing for the feeding stops I was taking.  The improved buoyancy afforded by the salt water seems to make a huge difference to the speed and the effort required.

The English Channel is salty, but my immediate challenge is Windermere in a couple of weeks time.  10.5 miles of fresh water.  Could be interesting, especially if it is cold……




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