My attempt to swim the Windermere distance at the weekend was not successful.  I am not especially used to failure, but I am being nice to myself about it.  I gave myself permission to fail.

In retrospect, going for the Windermere distance at the outdoor Jesus Green Pool on a weekend day with perfect, hot, sunny weather wasn’t that clever.  Every man and his wife, and their children, turned up at the pool.  It was one-out, one-in most of the day.  It was an absolute zoo, and even though it is a HUGE pool, and half of it was dedicated to ‘lane swimmers’, every length involved weaving in and out of head-up breaststrokers, back floaters, stoppers for no reason.

Then there was the sun.  I was paranoid about the sun, so at every feed after the first hour I dried my face and shoulders off and applied new sunscreen, which meant I was also very slow.  It was tortuous.

The final straw came when at a turnaround a woman actually landed on me.  Note, not a child being a bit thoughtless, but a fully grown woman.  God I wish I lived closer to the sea.

In the end, after 3 hours and 8 minutes of not very pleasant activity, and having swum a nice round 10,000 metres, I called it a day, went back to the car which by now had a parking ticket on it, and went home for a beer.  The 16.9 km will have to wait for another day, maybe when the weather is crappier, but unbelievably, the long period of lovely UK weather is set to continue……


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