The Sea, The Sea

Camping at the weekend in deepest, darkest Suffolk.  It was family time really, but found time while at Southwold beach for a couple of short swims on Saturday and on Sunday.

Saturday – 32 minutes.  25 minutes against the current one way up the beach, 5 groynes to the pier. 7 minutes back to the start point with the current.  Lovely to be in the coolish water, at 14 C despite being right at the end of June.


Southwold Pier

Southwold Pier


Sunday – 1 hour up and down the beach, round the pier a couple of times.  Pretty strong current again.  Swimming with the current the wind was against, creating some slightly troublesome chop, but all good experience.  The temperature was the same at 14 C, which felt largely OK, but some slightly colder patches that felt chilly.

Short swims, and surprisingly tiring.  The pool and the sea are very different places……

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