Are Intervals Working?

Occasionally you get a leap forward in performance, and you go home happy.  This happened today, and coincided with having done a bit of interval training recently.  Maybe this is a coincidence, maybe it’s not.

Monday I did my planned 4 hour swim, aiming for CSS+13 pace, which felt pretty slow in the first couple of hours, but about right for the last couple of hours.  It turned out that the average was about 1:44 per 100 pace, so a second over the target.  But it was good to get my first 4 hour swim under my belt, and I felt just fine afterwards, with only some mild achiness in the shoulders afterwards.  I got 13.2 km done in that time, so an average of 3.3 km/h.  Both my longest swim in duration and distance.

Tuesday I just got a 1.5 km loosener in on a lunchtime.

Then today I decided to have another go at the 3000 m test piece I have blogged about in the past:

W/U – 250 m, 4 x 100 fast, 1900 m straight, 200 m fast, S/D 250 m

Just 48 hours after my longest ever swim, I managed to knock over a minute off the total time for this test set, including the main nautical mile part in 29:20, 1:32.6 per 100 m, 43 seconds faster than ever before.  The whole thing, including rests, took 47.7 minutes for the 3000 m, which I am stoked about.

Only in January I was stoked to take this set under 50 minutes for the first time, so there is some real progress here.

I am a CSS convert!

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