March Miscellany

A few things have happened this month, some good some, some not so good…..

The Dart 10 k

Registration opened for the Dart 10 K 2013 recently, and a day or so later, registration closed, with all 700 places taken.  Luckily I managed to get in there early and get my registration accepted.  This year I am planning to swim it without wetsuit.

River Dart, Devon, UK

River Dart, Devon, UK

Last year there were a whole bunch of people who got pulled out due to the cold, and they were in wetsuits.  Cold is very much a subjective thing, but the 12 degree start temperature is generally regarded as ‘chilly’ by all but the most hardened skin swimmers.  You need to get a special OK to not wear a wetsuit.  Hopefully I will have sufficient cold OW credits to convince them before the event, but currently I have precisely zero experience of water this cold; I am looking forward to the opening of Jesus Green Lido in Cambridge.

Jesus Green2

Jesus Green Lido, Cambridge – Chilly

Jesus Green Lido is amazing – 100 yards of unheated outdoor goodness.  This year it opens on 18th May, and is free to allcomers on that day.  Shouldn’t be too much of an overcrowding issue, as it’s a very large pool and people probably won’t be stopping in very long in the cold water.  Last year it started off at around 14 degrees……

I Got a Bad Back – Again

I had a bad back last May, the month before my first proper OW swim in Suffolk.  It was properly bad, several days horizontal on some fairly weighty analgesics and valium.  This year it was pretty bad, but at least I could still walk, albeit with some discomfort.  Happily though, the one thing I could do apart from lie down, with no discomfort was to swim.  The doctor and the physio were totally happy with me doing that.  Apparently the bottom 5 vertebrae that are meant to move don’t really move very much.  The physio wasn’t sure whether these were the cause or the consequence of the enormous muscle spasms I seem to get on occasion.  After a few weeks of exercises I will go back and she will tell me…..

I Have Started Swimming More

I am now aiming at 25K/week, 100K in the month of March.  It’s not going too badly; I am up at 69K for the month so far, so in good shape to hit the 100K in March, despite a reduction for a few days with the bad back.  Surprisingly, there haven’t been any issues with soreness – it’s been pretty good.  There have been times when I have passed out on the sofa of an evening (this tends to be aided by one or more glasses of wine), and I have been eating, a lot.  Despite all of this extra eating, I continue to lose weight.  I am down to 15 stone 7, under 100 kg for the first time in about 12 years.  The fat that I am losing is what is going to keep me alive in the Channel, so I am quite concerned, even to the point of posting on the Marathon Swimmer’s Forum:

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