Tomorrow I fly out to Florida for a conference. ‘Ah’, I hear you cry. ‘Sounds like a good excuse to do very little while topping up your Vitamin D, and having some fun’. Well actually: NO on this occasion, as I have to give a talk and this is a little daunting.

BUT – the conference is in Florida, and the forecast is for lots of sun and high 20’s  Celsius while I am there, so maybe there might be a chance for some swimming?

The conference is in Marco Island near Naples, so the sea temperature should be around 20C.  Whoa that’s warm!  Not like Southwold in June.  I shall revel in the warm water, but need to make sure Ii don’t get burnt to a crisp while in the water.  Early swimming will be the order of the day, before the sun gets too high and powerful.

I need to find the best spot to swim, and see if I can find a place to stash some drinks, while going out and doing some miles…….

I will report back when I return to Blighty, and when February will nearly be over

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