Swimming Accidentally Fast Today

Over the weekend I was in sole stewardship of our 2 children, so there was no opportunity for my weekly ‘long swim’.  Instead, I got in the pool at 6 AM this morning for a 5 mile swim before work.  Nothing particularly spectacular, 2 hours 16 all in, including rests after every mile.

Then I looked at the split stats and nearly fell off my chair:

1: 24:48, 2: 26:02, 3: 26:41, 4: 26:41, 5: 26:52

24:48?  What’s that all about?  That 1:33 per 100 m pace for goodness sake.  While nothing spectacular in the grand scheme of things (that’s slow for countless swimmers around the world), it’s superspeedy for me!

I looked back through my split times over the last 10 months, and couldn’t find a mile split as fast as that.  Infact, I couldn’t find a kilometre split as fast as that pace – the fastest I could find was 1:34 per 100 m.

So what happened there then?  I think the key was that there were a few other swimmers in the lane at 6, all of whom were slightly slower than me.  So I always had someone within a length or so to chase after.  But strangely enough, it didn’t feel very fast at all.  Maybe I was getting some drafting effect from all of those people as I came up behind them each time?

Still, I will take each small success where I find it…….

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