Wow – 2012 is nearly finished!

It’s been quite a year swimming-wise.

Four milestones have been reached:

(1) My first open water swim event, which was also my first open water swim of any length (2 miles).
(2) Deciding to swim the English Channel, then researching it, and booking a pilot.
(3) Completing the Dart 10 K and not struggling. This I would have thought completely ridiculous at the start of the year.
(4) Buying a swim watch, and racking up over 500 km swimming in the 9 months since I got it.

Next year I hope will build from there, with the goal of being Channel-ready in August 2014:

(1) A million metres over all swimming.
(2) Complete Windermere 10.5 miles – target time 6 hours – no wetsuit
(3) Do the Dart 10 K again – 10 km – target time 2 h 25 mins – no wetsuit
(4) First 20 km pool swim (ideally in a 50 m pool!)
(5) Keep up this blog, and start thinking about fundraising for ‘The Big One’

Happy Christmas to One and All,


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