The Dart 10K Is Here!

The Dart 10K, organised by the Outdoor Swimming Society is nearly upon us!  10K is 2K further than I have swum before, but I am not at all bothered, especially as the river and the tide will be behind me, especially in the second half of the swim.

There’s no getting away from it though: Totnes, where the swim starts is a long way away from Essex where I work.  If anything I am more apprehensive about getting down to my chosen B&B in Taunton on a Friday night than the actual swim.  At least from there it’s only a relatively short hop to get to Totnes for the 10 AM registration.

The swim is split into four waves: leisurely, medium, fast and elite.  I am in the fast wave, by dint of my mile time in a swimming pool, which is less than half an hour.  There’s a world of difference, however, between a warm pool in my trunks, and a 14 degree river in a wetsuit.  I would be aiming for less than 3 hours.  Let’s wait and see!

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