Building Up

Have been trying to build up the distance in the pool prior to the Dart 10k in September.  Yesterday I managed a 4 miler before work, which, at 6400 metres, was 400 metres longer than I have ever swum before.  I also did it in mile sets rather than kilometre sets which was a change.  This was all fine, but boy did I know about it later in the day.  Yesterday also happened to be my 9th Wedding Anniversary, so Susie and I had dinner out at a local pub.  After being up at 5 to go swimming, I flagged rather badly by 9.30.  Sure, a few glasses of wine probably helped here, but then I have to admit that nearly 2 hours of fairly hard physical work, before a day at ‘proper work’ is going to take it out of you.   It does make me wonder what it is going to be like when I am up at 3,4,5,6,7 hour swims though.

Next week I will aim at building up to 7 km, then 8 km the week after.

I also got all of the CSA and CSPF pilot details down today, with a view to calling them over the next few days to see what slots are available for 2014.

It is very different to talk to people and say ‘I am going to do it in 2014’ instead of ‘I would like to think about doing it one day’, and very exciting!

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